Dallas Municipal Elections Round Up

Categories: Political Commentary • Published on January 19, 2011 at 7:32 PM

The campaign finance reports are coming in for incumbents and candidates who started their campaigns before January 1, 2011. The City of Dallas began publishing these filed reports on their website earlier this afternoon. I am looking forward to doing an analysis of this finance data once all the reports have been published online. In the meantime, we have more news on the Dallas mayoral and city council races.

Mayor Leppert and Ron Natinsky make it official

Tom Leppert made it official by publicly declaring that he will not run for re-election as Mayor of the City of Dallas. The Dallas Morning News covered the announcement in their article, Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert says he won’t run again, but hints at Senate. As many suspected, Mayor Leppert also hinted in a possible run for higher office when discussing finding ways to help his community other than being Mayor of Dallas. This does not mean helping out at the local soup kitchen, but is more likely the beginnings of his run for Senate or a statewide office, such as Lt. Gov if Dewhurst ran for Senate. Since Mayor Leppert’s announcement Ron Natinsky has been making it as clear as possible that he is running for mayor. Ron is very likely to run his campaign as a “Stay the course” style race in support of continuing policies that Leppert favored. Beyond Jim Moore, no other candidate has made any formal announcements that they are running for Mayor yet. However, the filing period does not begin until February 14 and will run until March 14.


More City Council challengers

Now that the holidays and campaign finance reporting deadlines are past us, City Council candidates have begun announcing their runs for office. Here is a quick rundown of recently announced candidates:

Scott Griggs (District 3) – Scott Griggs announced in December. Scott is running against David Neumann, and has a history of voting in Democratic primaries. Scott is a patent lawyer by trade, and works for his family’s firm Griggs Bergen LLP.

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Monica Alonzo (District 6) – Monica Alonzo is the sister of current City Council incumbent, Steve Salazar, who just completed his fourth and final term in office. Monica is also State Representative Roberto Alonzo’s sister-in-law. Monica announced her campaign through a letter sent to key individuals within District 6. Unfortunately, her campaign appears to have neither a website nor Facebook page at this time.

James Nowlin (District 14) – James Nowlin was appointed to the Police Review Board by Angela Hunt. The day after Angela indicated she was considering a run for mayor, James announced his own candidacy to replace Angela when she vacates the District 14 seat. James is a Democratic activist with a history of working with the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas club.

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Jim Rogers (District 14) – Earlier today, Jim Rogers announced his candidacy for District 14. Jim is one of the founders of Bryan Place in District 14. Unfortunately, due to Jim’s announcement earlier this afternoon, I still have sparse information on his full background and partisan leanings. I look forward to posting more about that in the near future.

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A Brief Review of Dallas City Councilors

The following table outlines the winners of Dallas City Council elections over the past 10 years. Winners who also had a runoff election during a particular year are shaded in yellow; winners who ran unopposed during an election cycle are highlighted in blue. An interesting tidbit is that Elba Garcia and Mitch Rasansky are the only city councilmembers in the past 10 years to be completely unopposed after winning their first elections. It is not uncommon for open seat races to have nearly a half dozen candidates running, which invariably results in a subsequent runoff election. Most city council districts only require 25 to 45 signatures for someone to appear on the ballot.

Past Election Winners
Delia Jasso Delia Jasso Elba Garcia Elba Garcia Elba Garcia Elba Garcia
Pauline Medrano Pauline Medrano Pauline Medrano Pauline Medrano John Loza John Loza
David Neumann David Neumann David Neumann Ed Oakley Ed Oakley Laura Miller
Dwaine Caraway Dwaine Caraway Dwaine Caraway Maxine Reese Maxine Reese Maxine Reese
Vonciel Hill Vonciel Hill Vonciel Hill Don Hill Don Hill Don Hill
*Open Seat* Steve Salazar Steve Salazar Steve Salazar Steve Salazar Ed Oakley
Carolyn Davis Carolyn Davis Carolyn Davis Leo Chaney Leo Chaney Leo Chaney
Tennell Atkins Tennell Atkins Tennell Atkins James Fantroy James Fantroy James Fantroy
Sheffie Kadane Sheffie Kadane Sheffie Kadane Gary Griffith Gary Griffith Mary Poss
Jerry Allen Jerry Allen Jerry Allen Bill Blaydes Bill Blaydes Alan Walne
Linda Koop Linda Koop Linda Koop Linda Koop Lois Finkelman Lois Finkelman
Ron Natinsky Ron Natinsky Ron Natinsky Ron Natinsky Sandy Greyson Sandy Greyson
Ann Margolin Ann Margolin Mitch Rasansky Mitch Rasansky Mitch Rasansky Mitch Rasansky
Angela Hunt Angela Hunt Angela Hunt Angela Hunt Veletta Lill Veletta Lill