About Darwood


Darwood Technology was established in 2009 in Dallas, TX by James Van Sickle and Lia Tsesmeli. Our company is designed to provide professional assistance with Information Technology to political campaigns, non-profit organizations, corporations, and individuals. We work with established vendors, such as NGPVAN and Catalist, to ensure our clients receive the maximum benefit from our involvement. We help ensure that a system is properly setup and implemented, staff fully trained, provide administrative assistance, and a range of other activities based on the candidate’s needs. We found through our own political activism that technology use within a political campaign was often based entirely on how technology-savvy either the campaign manager or a volunteer was. James and Lia believe that quality Information Technology solutions should not be restricted to just the multi-million dollar campaigns, and that candidates running for local offices can equally thrive when give access to smart, cost-effective solutions that do not require hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement.


James Van Sickle – Executive Director Linkedin »

James Van Sickle has been working in the Information Technology field since 1995, and has worked for dotcom startups, Fortune 500 companies, and non-profit institutions. James specializes in database technology, application development, system integration, and the underlying processes to ensure integrity of stored data and their hosting systems. James first became politically active in 2008, and was surprised by the dearth of experienced IT professionals that work with political candidates and campaigns on a professional or volunteer basis. Eager to bring more efficient and cost-effective use of technology to campaigns, James and Lia formed Darwood Technology to achieve these goals.

Lia Tsesmeli, Ph.D. - Managing Director Linkedin »

Lia Tsesmeli is an archaeologist by profession, and has been using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for archaeological and anthropological projects since 1997. Lia has a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Southern Methodist University, two Masters Degrees, and a Bachelors in French translation. Lia has worked for archaeological projects and surveys in Greece, Guatemala, New Mexico, Arizona, Peru, South Africa, and Pakistan, and has been widely credited with her work in digitally mapping unearthed tombs and ancient structures. Applying these skills to political campaigns allows her to build graphically rich maps that outline voting trends, election analysis, and other factors to help candidates and campaign managers more accurately develop their Get out the Vote (GOTV) programs for maximum effectiveness.