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The staff of Darwood Technology has been actively involved in the Democratic community of Dallas County since the 2008 Primary Election. We have worked in both partisan and non-partisan elections.
The following is a list of recent campaigns, committees, and parties that Darwood have worked with.

Recent Campaign Highlights:

Doubled Hispanic voter turnout and participation in a Democratic Primary election for a newly created Congressional seat in Texas. – Domingo Garcia Campaign, 2012

Defeated incumbent Dallas City Councilor David Neumann. Last sitting incumbent to be defeated on Dallas City Council was 10 years ago by Dr. Elba Garcia. – Scott Griggs Campaign, 2011

Defeated 16 year incumbent Republican Ken Mayfield for Dallas County Commissioner’s Court in same year that Texas Republicans gained 40 seats (4 in Dallas County) in the Texas Legislature. – Elba Garcia Campaign, 2010

Defeated incumbent Jim Foster and forced Clay Jenkins into a Primary Runoff Election for Dallas County Judge despite being outspent over 10 to 1 in a countywide election. – Larry Duncan Campaign, 2010

Candidates and Elected Officials:

Candidate Office Year
Robert Miklos Texas State Representative 2012
Domingo Garcia United States Congress 2012
Dr. Theresa Daniel Dallas County Commissioner 2012
Maricela Moore 162nd Judicial District 2012
JR Cook Criminal District Judge 2012
Delia Jasso Dallas City Council 2011
Scott Griggs Dallas City Council 2011
Angela Hunt Dallas City Council 2011
Pauline Medrano Dallas City Council 2011
Mike Rawlings Dallas Mayor 2011
David Gutierrez Irving City Council 2011
Herb Gears Irving Mayor 2011
Kathleen Thompson Grapevine City Council 2011
Jim Lane Ft. Worth Mayor 2011
Anthony Pace Dallas School Board 2011
Sandy Greyson Dallas City Council 2011
Sally Montgomery Dallas County Court at Law 2010
Larry Duncan Dallas County Judge 2010
Kevin Felder DCCCD Trustee 2010
Carlos Medrano Justice of the Peace 2010
Dr. Elba Garcia Dallas County Commissioner 2010
John Wellik Texas State Representative 2010
Delia Jasso Dallas City Council 2009
Larry Duncan Dallas School Board 2009
Rain Minns Texas State Senator 2008


Political Action Committees:

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