Phone Bank in a Box™

Phone Bank In A Box™

Phone Bank in a Box is designed to provide an easy to use, mobile phone banking solution that maximizes voter contact. Phone Bank in a Box is designed for organizations that wish to host a Predictive Dialing phone bank from a specific location, but do not own or wish to purchase additional equipment for their callers. All that is required is a connection to the Internet and power outlet. Calls are made through the Internet so no phone lines are required, but callers have the option to use their own phones if they prefer.

  • Completely mobile Predictive Dialing solution
  • No phone lines required, just Internet connectivity and a power outlet
  • Host more effective phone banks from campaign office or volunteer homes
  • No equipment to be purchased, tracked, and expensed by campaign

Phone Bank in a Box is a service created by Darwood Technology based on our experience with previous campaigns. In several cases, candidates had a dozen or more volunteers willing to make phone calls, but did not have the hardware capacity for them to use Predictive Dialing. Volunteers would instead use paper call lists, which greatly limited the number of calls they could make per phone bank.