Predictive Dial Phone Banks

Predictive Dial, sometime called Autodial, allow campaigns to triple or quadruple their capacity to reaching out to voters in a timely manner. Per hour, a phone bank volunteer will make 25 to 30 calls, and speak with an average of 5 voters. Predictive Dialing allows callers to make an average of 120 calls per hour and speak with up to 40 people. This greatly increases the effectiveness of a phone bank as volunteers are able to get the campaign’s message out more quickly, and allows for more call backs to supporters and undecided voters

  • Direct integration into TexasVAN and VoteBuilder systems
  • Real-time monitoring console and call reports
  • No hardware, software, or phone lines required
  • Callers can be located anywhere in the world

Best-in-class features include: real-time data access, warm transfers, call recording, live chat, call back scheduling, broadcast messaging, real-time monitoring, and many more.