Social Media

“Do I need to do the Twitter thing? What’s the difference between a Facebook Page, Group, and Profile? Do people even use MySpace or Friendster, anymore?”

Since 2008, social media has burst into politics to the point that having a presence on Facebook and Twitter seems just as important as having a campaign website. However, simply having a social media account is not enough, voters who use social media expect a vibrant and active presence rather than simple placeholders.

Darwood Technology assist campaigns navigate the social networking market, and create a growing and vibrant community of supporters. We have experience using ads to locate new fans, leverage existing social networking accounts, and use these networks to identify new supporters or volunteers.

  • Help setup the right social media solution for a campaign
  • Establish ad campaigns to identify supporters outside normal circles
  • Generate content to keep fans aware of upcoming events or issues
  • Merge social media data with campaign supporter databases